While God Sleeps

The show is performed in the style of a Ukrainian nativity scene, using traditional cultural elements that refer to the traditions of carol singing, a Ukrainian ritual where a group of people dressed in costumes go from house to house announcing the birth of Jesus and wishing peace to the inhabitants in exchange for treats.

Our three performers tell the story of the birth of Christ and his persecution by King Herod in a playful, light-hearted way. Traditionally, the show is performed in a special nativity chest, the Vertep, which has three floors, symbolically depicting Heaven, the world of men, and Hell.

The stick puppets are stylised as Ukrainian motanka dolls: ancient amulets that people made in every home and gave to each other to wish each other good luck. A very important element are the songs. Traditionally, Ukrainian folk carols are used by the performers to tell the story and communicate with the audience.

In our performance, we use both well-known and traditional Portuguese Christmas carols to bring the audience a little closer to understanding the events.

The performance is suitable for both kids from 5 years old and adults who want to experience the magic of Christmas Eve anew.