About us

Company NaRua has been performing with Marionettes and puppets since 2015

Based in Central Portugal, we perform mainly as a street show, but we are also available for contracts for events and festivals.

Hugh Thomas

Hugh has been involved in many aspects of shows and performing.

His career started in France in the early 90s as a technician with Circus Archaos and then later as a member of the street theatre company Generik Vapeur.

In Portugal, he has performed as a clown, mime, stilt walker and actor.

He started performing with João the guitar playing marionette on the street in Lisbon in 2015. With its success came the creation of 8 other Marionettes and the show has evolved into a sophisticated performance.

Olha Odynska

Professional actor and educator for with more than 7 years of experience, working in the fields of theatre and creative activities.

Olha has extensive experience working with children, creating entertainment and educational programs in the field of culture and art.

In Ukraine, Olha has worked as a puppeteer in a theatre for more than three years. During which time she participated in more than 20 performances both as a technician and as a principal character

Olha has been living in Portugal for the last 1 and a half years. During which time she participated in many street shows as a member of Companhia NaRua as well as creating several of her own puppet shows, including the Christmas story ENQUANTO DEUS DORMIA.