Soul of Lisbon

The base of the performance pays homage to the queen of Fado, Amalia Rodrigues, re-enacting her famous 1956 concert in the Olympia Theatre, Paris. Amália is operated by Paula Santos, who sings over of the playback and her guitar duo, João das Cordas and Manuel Henriques, who are operated by Hugh Thomas.
For comic a relief we use the skeleton duo Bones and Son, playbacking such classic numbers as “Spirit in the Sky”, Don’t Worry Be happy, Day-O, and “What a Wonderful World”

The Performers

Amália Rodriguese

Amália Rodrigues is the best know Fado singer and is extremely well respected and loved by the Portuguese people. She is often referred to as the “Rainha do Fado” (“Queen of Fado”).

Fado (destiny or fate) is a genre of music mainly characterized by its mournful melodies and lyrics. The songs are often about the everyday life of the Portuguese people, and are infused with the poetic emotional sentiments. But not only, most of the songs that Amália sings in this show are lively and some have a comic element to them.

João das Cordas e Manuel Henriques

João accompanies Amália on a classic guitar. He also has a few solo numbers and is particularly skilful and fast. Manuel completes the fado trio playing a traditional Portuguese guitar.


Bones and Son

Skeletons  with uncanny realistic movements. The rock and roll duo provide are funny and adorable. Operated by Hugh Thomas and Paula Santos.